Dallas Exterior Coating

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Dallas Exterior Coating is Dallas / Ft Worth based. We apply Triple Seal to many homes in Dallas, Fort Worth, North Texas and surrounding areas. Triple Seal is a ceramic coating designed to be a permanent alternative to paint or vinyl siding for your home or business. Applied as a three-step process by our experienced installation professionals, we are confident that Triple Seal is the absolute finest product of its kind on the market.

Triple Seal has been used commercially for over 25 years and is now being made available to homeowners who want beautiful, maintenance free exterior. Although some describe Triple Seal as a spray-on siding, a liquid siding, or a liquid vinyl siding, it is actually quite unique. It is a tough, flexible ceramic coating designed to be a permanent alternative to painting or vinyl siding.

Unlike Vinyl Siding, Triple Seal does not change the texture of your home's exterior. Instead, It creates a flexible ceramic surface which is NOT artificial looking. It resists mold and mildew and provides effective thermal insulation by reflecting UV rays - and in many cases, effectively reducing power bills.

Triple Seal will never chip, peel or crack like paint and is available in over 100 beautiful colors.

We have partnered with local Dallas locksmiths and Dallas concrete contractor for the best home services in Dallas TX.

Contact us for your commercial painting and house painting needs.

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